Energy Security is becoming the number one reson to invest in solar and wind power for your home or business. 

In the event of a power outage, dont be stuck in the dark! Global Utilties Group provides the most reliable electrical back up systems in the industry.

  1. Financial Stability
    Current electricity cost are increasing by an average of 4% annually nationwide. By purchasing a Hybrid power system you are able to lock in your rates for the next 25 years and beyond.
  2. ROI
    Investing in solar panels and wind has never been better. With the combination of the lowest installed cost in history and the ever increasing cost of electricity, current returns on investment range from as little at 4-6 years.
  3. Security & Independence
    Solar panels and wind power systems give every business the opportunity to own their Utility by providing the power required on location. In the event of a power outage, solar and wind power protects your business from being left in the dark.
  4. 25 Year Warranty
    Long term warranty programs guarantee the energy production giving owners peace of mind in their investment. Global Utilities Group cares to keep energy clean, so your investment grows strong.
What Is The Future Of Energy?​
The future of American energy will be individual ownership. The age of corporations controling and owning our most valuable commodity is finally coming to an end. Installing a solar panel or wind power system is the next step to independence for yourself and our country.
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Satisfied Customers
  1. Ed & Nancy Miller
    "We were so excited about the fact that we could provide the energy we needed from our own roof, Global Utilities Turned that dream into a reality for us"
  2. Mary Loval
    I thought that the sales team was very informative and professional. I most appreciated the no pressure sales approach.
  3. Mark Vanderbuilt
    I was first concerned about my new roof being damaged, but the install team did a great job. They even flew a drone over my house during the install process to show me the progress.
  4. Megan & Jim Miller
    We shopped for solar for 2 years before we finally took the leap. Global Utilities Group was the right choice.
  5. Dan Wilks
    I was surprised by how quickly the turnaround was. I expected this to take months to order the product and get it installed. It was obvious to me that they had a ton of experience
  6. Adam Hudson
    I was very appreciative that the owners of the company was directly involved in the project from day one. it showed how much they cared about our project.
  7. Charles Dillon
    The Global Utilities team made my transition to renewable energy smooth and simple.
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